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Your smile Priceless, Our Love Timeless.
And it grows… your smile, your love, and your heart… gives me hope unimaginable…
The moment she cries I feel every tear, the moment she smiles her happiness beats my fears, years of laughter brings on a lifetime of cheer…. and now im back to this moment of you standing here… I love you my ever so beautiful Queen to the heavens and back and like I said before I’ll never run out of words to express it… @thelovely_robin
Had to stop what im doing to wish my bff of 6yrs a huge HUGE Happy Birthday, I didnt forget just got caught up in work you know, Happy Birthday Tece another homie tearin up the west coast… @B3autyfu77
I wanna take this time wish my homie @loloedits a big big happy birthday… be safe have fun and continue to grow…. She tearin up the West Coast with her talents✌😝😎
#transformationtuesday Top Left: 2days… Bottom Left: 6yrs old aaaaaaand Big Picture: 23yy
My OG told me to help bring in the groceries so I had to pull the #classic ones out… im to swifty my g… #nike #jokes nah but this real life lol😂😂😂
Damn bruh, I told him, he spending TO MUCH time with her… she starting to rub off on him.. #jokes #comedy #king #chiraqdiditfirst  #kingsaidit
My ninja said she dont need a man to walk her she carry her own…. “Now thays a bad B” #instafunny #kingsaidit  #King  #chiraqdiditfirst
#deadass tho
#latepost everything about her is priceless.. @thelovely_robin

It’s been over 24 hours already. I am in deep need of help. My sister never did something like this before, and I am extremely concerned. If anyone has seen her, PLEASE let me know. 
Her family is waiting to hear if she is safe.